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The Sky’s The Limit!

Holland Pump provides De-watering services to Florida’s Tallest Skyscraper

Holland Pump is proud and honored to partner with Tutor Perini and their team of famed professionals on the Panorama Tower project. With the addition of the Panorama Tower, Florida East Coast Realty LLC (FECR) will take Miami’s skyline soaring to new heights. Reaching 83 stories into the air, the new tower will become Florida’s tallest skyscraper, at an astounding 830 feet.

Centrally located at 1101 Brickel Avenue, FECR’s plans for the tower include “821 luxury residential apartments, along with a 19-story pedestal including a 208-room hotel, over 100,000 SF of medical office space, over 50,000 SF of high-end retail/restaurant space, and a 2,000 car parking garage,” as stated on their website. With an eye toward the future, FECR aims to provide the ideal combination of retail, office, and residential space.

So, you might ask, how does one execute a project of this size on Miami’s watery coast? The answer, says Chris Rhule, Consultant at Holland Pump, “is a very strong foundation.” As Rhule, who has been Holland Pump’s expert on the Panorama Tower project, explains “Miami sits on the Biscayne aquifer, already 6ft below existing grade. For a tower of this height to be safe FECR needed to dig a very deep foundation, reaching 22ft in some areas.” With the site of the tower a mere 2 blocks from the Bay, digging to this level presented unique challenges. This is where Holland Pump’s expertise and experience with the Biscayne Aquifer came into play. Throughout the digging of the foundation and as it was laid Rhule and his team “had to dewater an average 12 feet.” For a project of this square footage this meant lots of water. To complete the job Rhule employed Holland Pump’s 8″ Hydraulic Trash Pump, 6″ Hydraulic Trash Material Sludge, and our PT8TPA Super Silent. As the foundation was poured, the job, taking almost 24 hours to complete, required continuous attention.

While dewatering make be a small part in your budget, successful  dewatering is a key element  in overall project profitability. There is no substitute for experience!