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sock systems

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Sock Systems are relatively easy. A specialized trencher digs and installs fabric wrapped perforated pipe under the construction area.

The drain length is determined by the soil conditions and the water table. In general, drain lengths of 200 to 400 feet and installation depths of up to 18 feet are common. 

Multiple runs in parallel can be used.  Individual runs are collected in a common header for connection to a wellpoint pump.  Usually after 2 to 3 days the water table has been lowered enough for initial excavation to begin. 

After subsurface construction is completed, pumps and header can be removed from the system allowing the water table to return to normal.  Sock underdrain is capped for future use or abandoned in place. 

  • Quick installation with no need for site dewatering prior to trenching
  • Suitability for many soil conditions
  • Minimal disruption to job site both during and after installation
  • Sock installations often provide the most cost effective method of dewatering

Holland Pump offers a full installation service for sock system applications.  Our highly experienced team will visit your site and by using soil analysis will advise you on the best solution for your dewatering requirement. 
Holland Pump is available for system tuning and maintenance.