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deep well systems

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Deep Well Systems​​ are used where the excavation depth exceeds the maximum limits for a wellpoint system and a large quantity of water needs to be extracted. They are ideal for keeping water away from construction trench areas enabling work to be carried out in dry and stable conditions. A deep well system would also be used if space is limited as wells can be sited away from the construction area. 

  • Drawdown only limited by depth of well and soil stratification
  • Pressure relief can be provided in deep layers
  • Wells can be placed away from working areas
  • Wells are usually installed at spacing which minimizes surface access restrictions

  • Holland Pump offers a full installation service for deep well applications.  Our highly experienced team will visit your site and by using soil analysis will advise you on the best solution for your dewatering requirement.
  • We will advise on the depth of each well and also the quantity and positioning to ensure that the excavation remains dry through-out the project cycle.
  • Once the system design has been approved, our specialized drilling team will bore for the well screen to be installed.
  • The well screens are typically 5″ in diameter and joined together to provide the required length.
  • Wells are often surrounded with filter sand to connect soil layers and prevent fines from entering the system.
  • Once the well has been flushed it is ready to have the pump installed. The type and size of pump used will match each application.
  • The pump is carefully lowered into the well where it is safely installed. The depth at which the pump is installed will depend on the final depth of excavation.  
  • The electric cable is taken up the well where it is connected to a power supply via one of our control panels.
  • Each control box is fed from a main supply or generator.  
  • Pump discharge is connected to a common discharge main by layflat or pvc discharge pipe.
  • Holland Pump is available for system tuning and maintenance.