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axial flow pump Systems

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Axial pumps are used for large volume fluid flows at relatively low delivery heads.  Holland’s heavy duty line of Axial Flow products are hydraulically driven by a diesel engine power unit that can be up to 300 feet away from the submersible pump head.  The pump head incorporates a hydraulically driven propeller that directs flow along a path parallel to the axis of the pump. The fluid thus travels in a relatively straight direction, from the inlet pipe through the pump to the outlet pipe.

Applications for clear water

  • Flood Control
  • Boat Locks
  • Shrimp Farms
  • Stock Watering
  • Water Treatment
  • Field Flooding
  • River Bypass
  • Field Drying
  • Dry Docks
  • Irrigation
  • Coffer Dams
  • Cooling Ponds
  • Fish Pumping
  • Lake Drainage
PDF Spec SheetMax Solid
Max Head
GPM @ 2000 psi
10′ Head
Skid Option
Trailer Option
Canopy Option
Engineering Spec Sheet
A14000-D123.5″26′14000***Read More
A22000-D200.25″26′18000***Read More
A26000-D243.5″26′26000***Read More
A36000-D303.5″26′36000* *Read More
A48000-D363.5″26′48000* *Read More
A55000-D423.5″26′55000* *Read More


Holland ModelPower UnitMax Head
A14000-D12D12-6068HF28526’+ TDH
A22000-D20D20-6068HF28526’+ TDH
A26000-D24D24-6068HF48526’+ TDH
A36000-D30D30-6068HF48526’+ TDH
A48000-D36D36-6090HF48526’+ TDH
A55000-D42D42-6135HF48526’+ TDH