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Wellpoint Dewatering is a simple, efficient method of temporarily lowering the groundwater table in a localized area to prepare the ground for construction.

The system consists of a series of shallow wells, called Wellpoints, installed around the excavation.  The Wellpoints use a Riser Pipe to reach the desired depth, and allow the Wellpoint to extract the ground water.  The Riser Pipe is connected to a manifold, called Header Pipe, by a flexible hose, called a Swing Joint. The Swing Joint is connected to an adjustable Header Valve, and to the top of the Riser Pipe.  The adjustable Header Valve provides a method to control the air and groundwater entering the Header Pipe.  The Header Pipe is connected to a Wellpoint Pump.

The Wellpoint Pumps are designed specifically for wellpoint applications, and can handle ground water, air, and soluble gases found in the water.  Wellpoint systems affect only the immediate area around the construction site and produce minimal effect on water quality.

Holland Pump has engineered prepackaged wellpoint systems to take the guess work out of ordering and dewatering a construction site.  The small systems are often used by contractors who do utility hookups, pipe repairs, or installation of underground tanks.  All other systems contain quantities of fittings for foundation layouts (“U” shapes) and line utility work.

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