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Do you have a challenging mining application that requires the utmost professionalism and safe operations that conforms to the MSHA standards?

Many mining processes require dewatering. Rotary Lobe Pumps are well suited for feeding dewatering devices because:

  • Of their ability to pump a measured, near pulseless flow at any pressure within the pump’s PSI range.
  • They can run at 200-300 rpm in abrasive applications whereas centrifugal pumps are typically run at 1750 rpms.
    • This results in much faster wear for centrifugal pumps. Rotary lobe pumps deal well with soft, compressible solids. However if the slurry consistently contains hard solids greater than 1/8” we can specify one of three methods: in-line grinder, filter, or knock-out tank. We have a broad variety of materials available to custom engineer a pump best suited to your application.

Our Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS) and Prime 3 Suction Lift Pumps (PT) series provide many solutions for mining solutions as well. HDS and PT Series pumps come in a wide variety of configurations and materials such as Stainless Steel.

Holland Pump has also found that out our Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS) pumps are very effective in light slurry applications with larger solids. Here’s why:

  • Holland Pump has a large fleet of these pumps so if you have a problem such as wear, we can provide you backup pumps on short notice; you won’t have long lead times and you won’t have to purchase that  2nd pump to have on hand
  • Our hydraulic pumps are fabricated so  the entire volute can be repaired and replaced; cast pump volutes on centrifugal  pumps are generally thrown out vs. being repaired
  • Our hydraulic pumps are much less expensive that competitor suction pumps
  • Do you really want to take a chance on an expensive suction lift pump when most of the time they wear out long before they are supposed to?
  • Hydraulic pumps push the material  and don’t have to be primed

Typical Mining applications include:
  • Borrow Pit
  • Gold Mining
  • Sand/ Gravel Pits
  • Phosphate Mining
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Strip Mining
  • Coal Mining

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