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Extreme Suction Lift

  • BPR Puming & Vacuum Solutions (Houston) (Holland’s Houston, Texas Branch)
  • Pump Consultant – John W.
  • Scope: install a bypass system for a lift station rehab
Bypass Pump System Texas

This project was a lift station rehab in League City that required taking the plant out of service and relying 100% on bypass pumping to move the sanitary sewer contents through the process to the treatment plant. Because there were two lines that feed the plant, the scope of the work required a two-system bypass for a total of (4) 6” vacuum assist diesel sound attenuated pumps.  The first set-up took suction out of the manhole outside the plant and the second set-up took suction out of the manhole inside the plant. All four pumps discharged through manifolds, with gate and check valves, into a common discharge line into the force main at the plant. All pumps were set-up on floats, and the entire system had an autodialer alarm agent that covered both setups.

Challenge 1: The project had extremely high suction lift on the set-up outside the plant. The lift was about 23 feet, but the bigger concern was the amount of head pressure on the pipe plug. 

Challenge 2: Discharging four 6” pumps into a common 8” discharge line. There was a limitation due to the size of the connection point at the plant.  BPR’s team had to be aware of how often and how many pumps ran at the same time, so the system was able to accept all the flows that were flowing through it.

This is where experience and pump knowledge shines.  We were able to “dial in” the system to accomplish the flows required to move the liquid, while not putting too much head pressure on the pipe plug and simultaneously not allowing the flows to fight each other as they entered the discharge force main.

BPR is known for its outstanding staff, industry experience and valuable technical knowledge of fluid dynamics, environmental safety, piping, hoses and more.


Thank you John W. for sharing one of your toughest projects.

Bypass Pump System
Bypass Pump System