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Holland Pump’s Branches in Maryland & Pennsylvania are Husqvarna Distributors.

Our FS 4800 D is a very versatile diesel walk-behind flat saw ideal for asphalt and concrete cutting. Suitable for mid-sized jobs on airports and highways, as well as service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates. Cutting depth up to 381 mm. Available in front or rear pivot configurations, where the rear pivot saw is recommended when high manoeuvrability is essential.

Husqvarna FS4800D – Diesel Walk Behind Saw


Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer): 35 kW

Output power at tool shaft: 35.3 kW

Engine cooling: Liquid /Air

Fuel tank volume: 29.53 l

Cylinders: 4

Number of strokes: 4-stroke engine

Arbor diameter: 25,4 mm

Blade depth control: Electrohydraulic

Blade diameter, max: 450 mm

Cutting depth, max: 375 mm

Transmission speed forward: 60.96 m/min

Product size length: 1422.4 mm

Product size height: 1295.4 mm

Weight: 680 kg