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Holland Pump’s PT6TPC-E60

Holland Pump’s PT6TPC-E60 is the ideal midsize electric bypass pump &handles solids and slurry using a Cornell Redi-Prime high head engine mount pump. With 6” suction and discharge flanges and a 2 vane enclosed impeller, the PT6TPC-E60 can handles up to 3” compressible spherical solids with flows of 1037gpm@ 120TDH is 79% efficient. The 60HP electric driven pump also features our Prime3 priming system. This automatic priming system features a 50 cfm water tolerant, diaphragm vacuum pump driven by the main drive shaft that primes 3 times faster that competitor pumps. Holland Pump’s electrically driven pumps are available with a wide variety of control options including Dual Voltage panels, Auto-Start/Stop with Floats, HANS (Holland Automatic Notification System), Auto-Dialers, and Softstart. Units are packaged as skids, site or DOT trailers, or with enclosures.

For more information, please contact Holland Pump at 1-888-997-PUMP, www.hollandpump.com.