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NORTH FORT MYERS New Force Main Project

Holland Pump Bypass & CIPP Consultant: Norm Rolf
Holland Pump Consultant: Keith Lant
Holland Pump has been contracted to install a bypass system so US Water can install a new force main. The low flow is 4500 – 5000 gallons/minute, and we have been tasked by US Water to cover the peak flow of 7000 gallons/minute. 
The primary pump is a Holland PT8 Suction Lift Pump with 12″ Suction and Discharge.  The first lag pump is a Holland PT14 Suction Lift Pump with 12″ Suction & Discharge.  The 100% redundancy pump is a Holland PT14 Suction Lift Pump with 12″ Suction & Discharge.
All pumps tie into an 18″ HDPE manifold to the new force main with a 20″ bypass flange that is being hot tapped by US Water.
Great job Holland Ft. Myers team on this $50K project!




Cornell’s N-series solids handling pumps are available in discharge sizes from 1.25″ to 30″, and are designed to handle difficult solids handling applications. A range of mounting configurations are available, from close-coupled, SAE engine-mount, and horizontal frame-mount, to vertical and vertical coupled.  Featuring enclosed impeller (2” to 10” solids, and flows up 40,000GPM), N-series can also be fitted with a delta impeller to handle stringy materials, rags, etc. Robust and reliable, the N-series has more than 30 years of service as a waste-water handling favorite of the industry


Cornell’s clear liquid pumps are known around the world as the most durable, most reliable, highest efficiency pumps in the industry. They can be found in a variety of applications in the Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal markets and are available in Close-Coupled, SAE Engine Mounted, Horizontal, and Vertical Configurations.

Cornell clear liquid centrifugal pumps are found in many agricultural irrigation applications.These pumps are designed to deliver best-in-class efficiency. Depending on operating hours, fuel, and horsepower required, you can save thousands per year in energy costs. Cornell offers a large selection of clear liquids pumps that meet or exceed optimum efficiency standards for centrifugal pumps.



The Complete AutoPrimeTM Wellpoint Pump has been the industry standard for wellpoint and sock underdrain dewatering since 1923. The VAWP series integrates our unique vacuum system with high performance centrifugal pumps for maximum performance in air handling and water volume. The rotary vane vacuum system is independent of the centrifugal pump, with no cross contamination to wear on vacuum pump tolerances. Available in sizes from 4” to 10”, diesel or electric powered.

Complete Dewatering Vacuum Assist Wellpoint Pump


  • Complete Vacuum Assist System with a high volume rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Large steel air / water separation tank with peeler valve assembly
  • Closed loop vacuum oil recovery system with cyclonic vacuum oil reclaimer 
  • High performance cast iron centrifugal end suction pump
  • Standard all models: Lockable fuel cap, Battery hold-down, Single point lifting bail, Discharge check valve, and Volute drain
  • Skid mounted integral fuel tank sized for a 24hr minimum runtime; clean out ports at all four corners
  • Standardized parts across all sizes
  • Full instrumentation panel with safety shutdowns
  • Special fuel filtration system for removing dirt and water from diesel fuel
  • Diesel engine (Tier 3 rebuilt or Tier 4 new) or Electric motor options available


  • Increased fuel capacity
  • Vacuum pump upgrade
  • Sound attenuated full or partial enclosures
  • Engines: Additional engines available, consult factory
  • Trailer mounted: Highway wheels / tires, Torsion bar axle, DOT light kit, Highway fenders, Tow hitch, DOT Certificate of Origin, and Brake kit
  • Camlock or Bauer type suction and discharge fittings
Suction/Discharge6″ x 4″6″ x 6″8″ X 8″8″ X 8″10″ X 10″
Max. Flow Rate (GPM)8701,4002,7002,6004,400
Max. TDH (ft.)75′102′90′144′108′
Vacuum Pump ModelC3-OFC5W-OFC10W-OFC10W-OFC10W-OF
Vacuum Pump Flow (cfm)65130200200200
Fuel Capacity (gallons)506475124114
Engine Model
(EPA Final Tier 4)
Isuzu 3CH1Isuzu 4LE2TIsuzu 4LE2XDeutz TCD3.6Deutz TCD3.6
Power (BPH @ RPM)18 @ 2,10043 @ 2,00055 @ 1,800100 @ 1,80080 @ 1,800
Size L x W x H (inches)78 X 46 X 62110 X 50 X 70110 X 50 X 70126 X 50 X 70126 X 50 X 70
Dry Weight (pounds)2,2003,2003,6005,0005,000
VAWP = Vacuum Assist Wellpoint Pump