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Holland Pump Standby Lift Stations

Unlike backup power generators, Holland Pump Standby Lift Stations provide 100% redundancy and double protection from both electrical failures and mechanical failures. Studies have found that over 85% of lift station failures are mechanical failures – generators only protect against electrical outages.
Holland Pump has models available from 3” to 18” in flow rates from 400 to 40,000 gpm with solids up to 6” and can be powered with diesel or natural gas engines. Holland’s Prime 3 priming system has suction lift capability up to 28’ with 50 CFM priming power vs. leading competitors which generally have 15 CFM systems.
The control panel software is flexible and permits the user to readily instruct the system to do a broad range of activities including: messaging of warnings, shutdowns, and location. The system is fully SCADA compatible and able to be remotely controlled.
Holland Pump Company utilizes heavy gauge aluminum powder coated enclosures with stainless steel hardware. This premium construction is industry leading. All products conform to the Contractors Pump Bureau Guidelines of 67 dBA at 23’ or quieter.

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