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Holland Pump Company’s 42nd Anniversary

Holland Pump Company is proud to announce our 42nd anniversary and I would like to talk a little about legacy and innovation because that is exactly what Holland Pump has done since 1978.

I want to acknowledge our founder, Charlie Cuningham, who built a great foundation with the best hydraulically driven submersible pump systems from 1978-1999. My dad, Bill Blodgett, greatly expanded our products (rotary wellpoint pumps, suction lift pumps), technology (telemetry, ERP, CAD), and geography, tripling the revenue of the business in 7 years. I took over as President in 2007 and guided our company through the Great Recession and some excellent recovery years to these current and very interesting times.

We have been blessed through all of these years to retain and develop many key employees in accounting, administration, sales, service, and manufacturing. In 2001, Holland Pump stood at the forefront of technology with the release of our HAN’s telemetry devices on 100% of our fleet. We continue to stay ahead by offering many options for state of the art control panels and a wide array of aluminum sound enclosures. Our  “Triple Play” pumping solution allows one unit to power three different types of pumps; a hydraulically driven submersible, a hydraulically driven prime- assisted suction lift pump and a hydraulically driven LobePro (positive displacement rotary lobe) pump. We continue to be laser-focused on helping customers finish faster in all aspects of their business. After taking on XPV Water Partners to build a super-regional company we have made great investments in key sales and accounting staff and in acquisitions to execute our vision to have 1000 pumps on rent and triple our revenue in the next 5 years.

This was a challenging year, but it was also a year that we had to look at from a new perspective and learn. We adapted to the circumstances, found new ways of communicating and relating.  We stayed focused and committed to the well-being of our employees, their families, and our customers and vendors.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as pump demand for rentals and sales continues to grow, and we are at the forefront of building new, dynamic markets for our products.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders, and friends,  I thank you for your continued commitment to Holland Pump.