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Finish Faster….. Holland Pump’s Super Silent bypass pumps provides critical assistance for gravity sewer line repair

Holland Pump was contracted by Estep Construction to assist in the replacement of a gravity sewer line for the City of Altamonte Springs, Fl. Two force mains were flowing into one very shallow 5 foot man hole; a 4 foot concrete riser was added to the top of the man hole for added storage and to compensate for the fast influx of sewage during the pump station cycles.

The primary pump was Holland’s Twin Prime Super Silent PT6 Unit, at 67 decibels a very quiet pump, and with the pumping capability of 1200 gallons per minute, a very efficient pump. The stand-by pump was Holland’s PT6 open unit and was set up with floats for auto turn on/off as required. 8 inch HDPE pipe was used for discharge and had a total length of 1,160 feet, with several elbows added. Some of the discharge was buried under the road so that having all fittings and connections being leak proof was critical to the success of this job.

The pumps were also outfitted with the Holland Automatic Notification System (HANS), which sends texts and e-mails out to computers and cell phones to notify the customer of any pump issues. With several roads blocked off during this repair, it made it imperative that Holland’s pumps stay running with no problems. Holland Pump completed this job on time and to the customer’s specifications. A Great Sucess!