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After many years of trial and error, Holland Pump’s sound attenuation capabilities have evolved to the point that we can confidently say we are a leader within our industry. In fact, we have had customers drive competitors to listen to our equipment and report our competitors were disbelief that the pump was actually running until they opened the doors on the job site. Demand the quietest and most rugged modular built sound canopies that will yield years of demanding service.

Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps
@ 2000 PSI
PDF Spec SheetPump Size Power Unit
DBA’s @ 23 Feet
Max SolidMax Head GPM @ 2000 PSI
50′ Head
GPM @ 2000 PSI
10′ Head
Engineering Spec Sheet
H6TP-SS6″D6573″68′3501330Read More
H6TMS-SS6″D8573.5″134′7301400Read More
H8TP-SS8″D8674″100′15002700Read More
H12TP-SS12″D12674.5″85′23004500Read More
Rotary Lobe Wellpoint Pumps
@ 1800 RPM
PDF Spec SheetPump Size
DBA’s @ 23 Feet
Fuel Capacity (US gallon)Fuel Used (GPH)Max Head
Max Flow (GPM)Engineering Spec Sheet
W6R-SS6″571000.4565′500Read More
W8R-SS8″67720.865′1300Read More
W10R-SS10″671141.365′1900Read More
W12R-SS12″671141.665′2600Read More
Suction Lift Pumps
@ 1800 RPM
PDF Spec SheetPump Size DBA’s @ 23 Feet
Max SolidMax Head Fuel Used (GPH)
Max Flow (GPM)
Engineering Spec Sheet
PT4TMS-SS4″573″120′1.25780Read More
PT6TPA-SS6″573″129′1.451300Read More
PT6TPC-SS6″573″185′1.61400Read More
PT8TPA-SS8″673″111′1.72600Read More
PT8TPC-SS8″673″230′2.52600Read More
PT10TPC-SS10″673.38″230′7.64700Read More