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Do you need dewatering advice from our team?  Many of our pump consultants have been in the dewatering business for 20+ years, and have designed serveral systems a month.

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Whether you need Prime 3 Suction Lift pumps, Hydraulically Driven Pumps or Rotary Wellpoints Pump systems, Holland Pump has you covered.

Rotary Lobe Pumps are ideal for wellpointing and sock. Wellpointing and sock require that the pump be able to self prime, often to 20 ft; be able to pump both air and water without cavitation damage; and be able to overcome air leaks because of a high air handling requirements and still continue to prime. Rotary lobe pumps are now the dominate pump used for wellpointing and sock in the USA. Holland Pump has over 200 wellpoint/sock pumps in its rental fleet. We have put more than 1.5 million hours on these pumps with outstanding results.

Typical Construction applications include:
  • Building Site Preparation
  • Dust Control
  • Foundation Dewatering HDS
  • Foundation Dewatering WP
  • Wellpoint Installation
  • Highways and Road Rights of Ways
  • Lake Excavation
  • Open Ditch Pumping
  • Deep wells furnished with submersible pumps and generators
  • Eductor Wells
  • Sock Dewatering
  • Slurry Walls
  • Golf Courses
  • Golf Irrigation
  • Parks
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Water Parks
  • Tanks Rental/ Cleaning

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