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At BPR, each and every customer interaction begins with a consultation.  Our experienced team assists clients in engineering solutions that fit the scope and budget of their project.  In many cases, the best solution includes a rental unit from our extensive inventory of industrial pumps & vacuums.

Equipment rentals from BPR deliver high quality solutions at a budget-friendly price point.  Our rental fleet features equipment manufactured by industry leaders like Gorman-Rupp.  And we offer everything you need to to successfully complete your next project.


BPR proudly offers an extensive selection of diesel, electric, and hydraulic submersible pumps to meet your project needs.

That includes Prime Aire Diesel Pumps from Gorman-Rupp, several submersible brands, Holland’s: Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps, Suction Lift Trash Pumps, High Head Jet Pumps, Axial Flow Pumps, Sound Attenuated Pumps and more.

We can relocate pumps from any of our 15 Holland branches across the Gulf & East Coast to take care of our valued customers.


Vacuum Loaders offer a variety of benefits as a rental unit.  These units are often safe & powerful alternatives to vacuum trucks, while being easier to operate.  And in many cases, Vac-Loader rental units from BPR offer significant cost savings when compared with alternative solutions. 

Vac-Loaders deliver versatility and can be used for catalyst removal, wastewater facility cleaning, emergency spill clean-up, tank cleaning and more.

Pipe, Hose & Accessories

BPR carries everything you need to successfully complete your next project, including an extensive inventory of pipe, hose and accessories. And to accommodate your project budget, BPR offers a variety of flexible procurement options, including rentals agreements for a wide range of accessories. 

Our extensive inventory of pumping and vacuum accessories includes pipe, hose, meters and more:

  • Hose – Available in sizes ranging from 2″ – 12.”  Available and in-stock solutions that include a wide variety of suction & discharge hose, including tank truck, cargo, composite, chemical & stainless steel.
  • Pipe – Galvanized steel and HDPE pipe.  Available sizes from 4″ – 18.”
  • Pipe & hose connections include cam & groove, ball & socket, and flanges.
  • Alarms – Auto-dialer and high-level alarms available.
  • Level Controls
  • Meters
  • Valves – Solutions that include valves, adaptors, road ramps, and poly containment berms.

Rental Services

BPR offers a variety of services to fit your every need, from mobilization to demobilization and everything in-between.  With an in-house fusion crew and the equipment to handle very basic to the most complex HDPE pumping systems, we have the capability to fuse HDPE pipe ranging in size from 4” to 36”. 

  • Mobilization & demobilization
  • HDPE fusion
  • Pump watch
  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring


At BPR, we’re committed to the success of your next project.  We’re always ready to assist you with industrial pumping and vacuum solutions designed to meet the needs of any project scope and budget.