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Holland Pump uses a variety of pipes and fittings to successfully remove or transfer water.  In some applications, Holland relies on Wil-Loc pipe and fittings. 
Why we use Wil-Loc:
  • Vacuum sealing O-rings help pumps prime faster and perform at their designed flow rates with no leaks, even at high pressure ratings
  • 30-degree articulation at every coupling allows quicker, easier and more flexible set-up. Perfect alignment is not necessary to make the connection, so less time is needed for set-up and removal
  • Unlike cam-lock or threaded pin-lug fittings, galvanized couplings are not hindered by sand, mud, and grit. No cleaning necessary!
  • Sealing O-ring seats securely within the lip of the socket and will not fall out and become lost as with flat gaskets of the other couplings
  • Galvanized couplings & pipe are made of heavy-duty steel, X-ray welded and hot-dip galvanized to stand up to the abuse in the field. Replacement costs are reduced considerably!
  • Available  in 2” through 12” product line provides a complete selection of pipe elbow bends, tees, wyes, reducers, and modular step bows for almost any system configuration