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Holland is a Cherne Distributor.

In 1953, Cherne Industries created an innovative inflatable device for stack testing.  Cherne’s pneumatic product offering expanded to include testing, maintenance and repair equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal systems.  

Acquired by Oatey Co. in 1990, Cherne Industries maintained its focus on system testing, maintenance and repair with an unrelenting commitment to quality.

Available in Oatey Co.’s distribution centers throughout North America and through partner distributors on every continent, Cherne products are relied on by residential and commercial contractors and industrial and municipal engineers worldwide. Product lines are available in both domestic and international specifications.

While Cherne has grown, its focus remains constant – providing customers the most reliable and innovative testing, maintenance and repair equipment in the plumbing, waterworks and underground industries – good enough to bear the Cherne name.

Safety Precautions

Death, bodily injury and/or property damage could result if plug fails for any reason. Unsafe practices can also result in death or severe injury.

The following information provided under “General Information,” “Preparation Before Use,” “Operation,” and “Maintenance and Storage” must always be followed. Pay careful attention to safety information highlighted by this symbol: 

General Information

Follow all safety instructions contained in OSHA and federal, state, and local regulations. Do not use the plug if any conditions exist that could jeopardize the safety of personnel or property.

Confined Space Entry: Follow Federal, State, local and/or company requirements for entry into confined spaces. 

Danger Zone: When a plug is in use, a danger zone exists that expands outwardly in a cone shape. NEVER enter the danger zone when a plug is in use.