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7312 Westport Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33462

Our Mission

Renting, selling, and servicing pumping systems to customers who are primarily concerned about getting their jobs done fast and right. To help our customers finish their jobs faster because they rent from us instead of an ordinary rental company.

Strategy to Accomplish Our Mission

Focus on helping our customers Finish Faster in all aspects of our business. This includes designing, building, maintaining, and repairing equipment; selecting and training associates and managers; selecting delivery trucks; delivering and collecting information on pump status to associates and customers. Holland Pump: Teamwork, Technology, Talent.


Always be fair, honest, and compassionate. But aim high and demand from every associate and vendor their best physically, mentally and morally. Be tolerant of differences in opinion but intolerant of indifference.

Strategy for Profitability

Focus on pump applications and jobs where we add enough value (by doing things that our competitors don't or cannot do) that the customer is willing to pay us for the cost of our extra service. Sell enough pumps annually to keep the balance sheet healthy.