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7312 Westport Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33462

Lansas Pipe Plugs

Lansas Products, manufactured by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc., offers a complete line of Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs used for testing pipe, blocking and bypassing flow. Their single sized and multi-sized sewer plugs are made from nylon re-enforced natural rubber. We also manufacture a complete line of Joint Testers, High Pressure Plugs and Air Testing Equipment (Smart Box and Smart Box JR.) and Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment. In addition, Lansas is a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for HURCO Technologies which allows them to provide Hydrostatic Test Pumps, Smoke Testing Systems, Deflection Gauges, RIPCORD Ventilators and Tagline Stringers.

The Lansas line of pipe plugs offer more plugging and bypassing options than any other manufacturer today. If you need to block or bypass a sanitary sewer, Holland Pump has a pipe plug for your application. Just call us at 800-451-0769!