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Holland Pump Financing

Holland Pump's leasing program is a great option for customers looking to acquire a Holland Pump products over a period of time instead of paying short term rental payments.

It's Easy to Apply!

What are the benefits of leasing?

  • Whereas renting a pump is the easiest way to get a reliable pump with 24/7 service and backup pumps, leasing is an attractive way to acquire a pump over a period of time and makes sense when you need to utilize the pump on a frequent basis on an ongoing basis.. Leasing can make sense for companies with excellent in-house maintenance capabilities or Holland Pump can provide a servicing agreement to maintain your leased pump.
  • With any investment decision there are opportunity costs. Most companies want to allocate major dollars to the investments with the greatest Return On Investment for their business. So if pumping is an important part of your business but secondary to your core business leasing can be an attractive option.
  • Tax Benefits - Payments made by lease program participants are considered operating expenses and not capital expenditures, so they can be written off immediately. This often accelerates tax deductions when compared to depreciating assets over five or seven years.