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7312 Westport Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33462

Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Holland Pump has been a leader in providing the most fuel efficient pumps where pump systems are carefully engineered for performance and efficiency. Our 60 hr fuel tanks also save countless man hours spent fueling smaller sized tanks such as those of many leading competitors which typically utilize 24 hr tanks.

Since 1978, Holland Pump has also been a leader in providing environmental solutions for the pumping industry. Holland Pump was the 1st pump rental company to use biodegradable hydraulic oils fleet wide.

Holland Pump has participated in many water management and ACOE projects where environmental awareness and protection are  paramount project concerns. Our company both appreciates and respects our natural resources and the inherent beauty of our wilderness areas.  

In 2000, Holland Pump was the 1st pump rental company to install telemetry systems fleet wide for predictive failure and fault response.  Our HANS (Holland Automatic Notification System) has allowed us to respond pro-actively to service issues resulting in less environmental impact.

In 2001, Holland Pump released our Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pump line from 4" to 12" that is up 63% more efficient than a leading competitor.

In 2003, Holland Pump contracted with our software provider to build a "push maintenance" system where maintenance schedules are programmed into the computer and maintenance is forecasted allowing equipment to be maintained in the most environmentally efficient manner.

Today, Holland Pump’s HANS system can remotely and automatically start and stop units on float systems which optimize power consumption and fuel use.

Holland Pump continues to provide innovations every year and utilizes the most current technologies in all aspects of our business including equipment and operations.