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7312 Westport Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33462

Holland Pump’s PT4TMS-E25

Holland Pump’s PT4TMS-E25 is the ideal small electric bypass pump & handles solids and slurry using a Cornell 4NNDH-EM engine mount pump. With 4” suction and discharge flanges and a 2 vane open delta 10.09” diameter impeller, the PT4TMS-E25 can handles up to 3” compressible spherical solids with flows of 750gpm@ 72TDH. The 25HP electric […]

Holland Pump releases SuperSilent PT8TPB

Holland Pump’s PT8TPB-1104.44T 8″ Prime 3 Trash Pump model, ideal for many sewer bypass applications, is a SuperSilent Prime Assisted Suction Pump featuring indefinite dry run capabilities. The tier 3 diesel driven pump features a very durable canopy manufactured with 12 gauge steel with noise levels at not more than 67 decibels at 23 feet, […]