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Bauer Fittings & Pipe

Bauer Wil-loc

Galvanized  couplings have proven more efficient than the fittings which were previously used in many industrial applications. The design and performance of the galvanized  couplings far surpasses that of cam-lock, groove and threaded or pin-lug style fittings. Consider the advantages:

  • Vacuum sealing O-rings help pumps prime faster and perform at their designed flow rates with no leaks, even at high pressure ratings
  • 30-degree articulation at every coupling allows quicker, easier and more flexible set-up. Perfect alignment is not necessary to make the connection, so less time is needed for set-up and removal
  • Unlike cam-lock or threaded pin-lug fittings, galvanized couplings are not hindered by sand, mud, and grit. No cleaning necessary!
  • Sealing O-ring seats securely within the lip of the socket and will not fall out and become lost as with flat gaskets of the other couplings
  • Galvanised couplings & pipe are made of heavy-duty steel, X-ray welded and hot-dip galvanized to stand up to the abuse in the field. Replacement costs are reduced considerably!
  • Available  in 2” through 12” product line provides a complete selection of pipe elbow bends, Ts, Ys, reducers and increasers and modular step bows for almost any system configuration

Polyron™HPDE transition fittings are a revolutionary patent-pending technology that fully encapsulates metal with HDPE. Polyron creates a transition fitting that eliminates leak paths between metal and HDPE piping systems, maximizes stem retention, smoothes the transition from metal connections to HDPE, and minimizes friction loss at the transition point. Polyron is significantly lighter than any other HDPE transition fittings on the market today. Polyron has been developed and tested for over three years to create the next generation of HDPE transition fittings. The precision hole pattern in the metal shank is machined to optimize the strength of the bond with HDPE. The HDPE resin is allowed to bond with itself as it is injected through the hole pattern. Once it cools, the HDPE completely encapsulates the metal shank. Their innovative design allows the Polyron™HPDE transition fitting to be up to 50% lighter than any other transition fitting, meets or exceeds pressure and temperature ratings of HDPE pipe, eliminates leak paths created by torquing, bending or pressure loading and prevents thermal expansion and contraction problems at transition joints.